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A powder of a metal oxide except for alpha -alumina, which is constituted of at least six-sided polyhedral particles and has a number-average particle diameter of 0.1-300 mu m and a particle size distribution of 10 or less in terms of D90/D10 (wherein D10 and D90 represent the particle diameters cor ...



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A video data decoding technique is capable of outputting smooth video data in case of a special reproduction such as a forward or backward high-speed reproduction. DVD reproduction apparatus (100) includes a video decoder (6) which is intermittently supplied with data in the VOBU (video object unit) ...

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A multiplexed wiring system for use with a vehicle having a centralized control system in which various electrical devices located at different portions of a vehicle are centrally controlled by a central processing unit through control or driver circuit elements respectively associated with correspo ...

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A thermoplastic vinyl chloride polymer composition superior in processing properties is provided. The composition comprises (I) polyvinyl chloride or a copolymer predominantly comprised of vinyl chloride and (II) a methyl methacrylate composite polymer characterized by the combination of10 to 60% of ...

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A capsule endoscope is disclosed that includes means for illuminating an object, means for imaging the object, and a transparent cover having a center of curvature. The transparent cover covers the illumination means and the imaging means, and the imaging means includes an objective optical system a ...


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It is to provide a catalyst carrier having large pore size and porosity and a small pressure loss. The catalyst carrier is characterized by covering a surface of each particle in a silicon-containing ceramic carrier with alumina thin film, and is produced by immersing a carrier having an oxide film ...

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An improved tire vulcanizing press of the type including an upper frame, a lower frame and side frames by way of which said upper frame and said lower frame are integrally connected to one another, wherein a lower die half is fixedly mounted on the lower frame and an upper die half is fixedly secure ...