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A powder of diamond or high-pressure phase boron nitride core particles charged into a coating space as it is dispersed, and a precursor of a coat forming substance allowed to contact and/or impinge against the particles in the powder of core particles so that their surfaces are covered with the coa ...

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A process for producing a metal-base sinter, comprising sintering coated metal particles wherein the particles are prepared for sintering by the steps of: dispersing a powder of metal core particles in a gaseous atmosphere to form a mixture of a gas and particles in a powder of highly dispersed core ...

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An adhesive bandage used personally to cover a minor injury on a human body, especially on a finger or a toe thereof, comprises a bandage proper having an adhesive inside, a pad fixed to a substantially central portion of the inside of the bandage proper, and a protective paper having opposed end po ...

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Polymerizable compositions capable of giving transparent resin having a high refractive index of at least 1.57 which are useful as optical materials and glass adhesives are disclosed. The compositions comprise a mono(meth)acrylate having a biphenyl skeleton and a di(meth)acrylate having a biphenyl s ...

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An improved backward Brillouin scattering optical time domain reflectometry (OTDR) device is provided which is capable of detecting the deterioration of or anticipating the fracture in an optical cable or optical fiber and measuring the position of the failure part with high resolution. To accomplis ...

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An electrically conductive liquid crystalline substance represented by the general formula L-S.sub.1 -C.sub.T or L-C.sub.T, wherein L is a residue of a liquid crystalline substance, S.sub.1 is an atom or atomic grouping which becomes a spacer and C.sub.T is a charge-transfer complex, is disclosed. A ...

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A file managing apparatus is disclosed which is capable of restoring deleted files with ease. When a user gives an instruction to delete a file 6, a parent entry number for the file 6 is changed from “1” to “2” in a property list having the entry number 6 associated with the file 6. Because the pare ...

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An apparatus for packaging semiconductor devices includes a die bonder, a wire bonder, and a molding unit wherein the die bonder, the wire bonder, and the molding unit are sequentially arranged for operation in an uninterrupted continuous sequence. To prevent semiconductor dies from being contaminat ...

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4,4'-Bis(methacryloylthio)diphenylsulfide having the formula (I): ##STR1## and a curable composition characterized by comprising: (A) 4,4'-bis(methacryloylthio)diphenylsulfide having the above formula (I):

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A light beam from a light source is divided by a beam splitter into two branches, thereby providing a probing light having a single linear polarization and a reference light having a linear polarization which has the same polarization axis as that of the probing light. A frequency shifter which is d ...