Hartwell Edward Wallace: Breathable, liquid inpervious backsheet for absorptive devices. The Procter & Gamble Company, Braun Frederick H, Gorman John V, Witte Monte D, May 6, 1975: US3881489 (134 worldwide citation)

A backing for a disposable diaper being a combination of two layers. The first layer is a low void volume perforated thermoplastic film. The second layer is a porous high void volume hydrophobic tissue which is adjacent the first layer.

Marsan Mario Stephen, Hartwell Edward Wallace: Cleansing article.. Procter & Gamble, July 29, 1981: EP0032793-A2 (40 worldwide citation)

A cleansing article especially adapted for the care and maintenance of the perineal area of infants or incontinent patients comprises a high loft wiping surface made up of a web of resilient fibers. Said fiber web is characterized by a high usable void volume, even under hand pressure. For stability ...