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In the polymerization of propylene and other higher 1-olefins, polymers which have a high degree of isotacticity and a narrow distribution of molecular weight are obtained in the presence of a catalyst system composed of a zirconium compound which is stereo-rigid and chiral and a linear or cyclic al ...

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Polyethylene waxes having a very narrow molecular weight distribution, high isotacticity, a narrow grain size distribution and a high bulk density are obtained by means of a catalyst comprising a metallocene and an aluminoxane, in the presence of small amounts of hydrogen during the polymerization.

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The invention relates to a process for the preparation of a predominantly crystalline ethylene/propylene copolymer having less than 15 mol % of propylene units, which can be carried out in liquid propylene as the suspending agent, if metallocene catalyst components of the formulae I, II or III are e ...

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The invention relates to a high strength pipe of ethylene polymer having a bimodal molecular weight distribution. Such pipe has a stress cracking resistance of .gtoreq.1400 h, a fracture toughness of .gtoreq.7 mJ/mm.sup.2 and a modulus of creep in flexure, measured according to DIN 54852-Z4, of .gto ...

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If the transition metal component used in an olefin polymerization catalyst is the product of the reaction between a siloxane-substituted metallocene of titanium, zirconium or hafnium and a hydroxyl group-containing support material, for example silicon dioxide, these metallocene catalysts can be em ...