Hartmut Stiegler, Hartmut Blum: Static trimmer for a hovercraft. Brooks & Kushman, May 28, 1996: US05520261

A static trimmer for a hovercraft is provided for shifting the center of buoyancy of an air-cushion of the hovercraft in relation to the center of gravity. The static trimmer includes a peripheral elastic skirt (2) having a plurality of skirt segments (5) each having a back skirt (3) and a finger sk ...

Hartmut Blum: Drive system. Elero, Venable, September 28, 2006: US20060213297-A1

A drive system includes an electric motor having a rotor and a stator. A nut is rigidly connected to the rotor. A spindle is positioned to be non-rotating and has a drive connection with the nut. A piston rod has one longitudinal end fixed to the spindle, with the spindle extending coaxial to the pi ...

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