Charles Sperry
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This invention relates generally to systems for intravenously administering medicine to a patient and more particularly to a vacuum vial infusion system for reconstituting a drug from a dried state to a liquid state while the drug is still within the vial. The drug is administered by means of an int ...

Harris Dale Carvin, Hargrove William Walter: Cartridge for use in administering a dry medicine.. Lilly Co Eli, April 27, 1983: EP0077604-A1 (9 worldwide citation)

A cartridge (30) for storing a dosage of dry medicine (38) and for subsequent use with an intravenous administration set to facilitate administration of the dosage has a container (34) to hold the dry medicine (38), means (32) for connecting the cartridge (30) to the intravenous administration set s ...


Hargrove William Walter: Desacetyl polynuclear indoles. Lilly Co Eli, July 27, 1966: GB1037379-A (1 worldwide citation)

The title compounds are prepared by heating a mixture of 2-methylbenz- or -naphthoxazole, benzene or naphthalene aldehyde, a sulphonic acid, an N,N-di(C1- 6 alkyl) alkanoyl amide and an inert solvent, removing water of condensation and recovering the product. References has been directed by the Comp ...

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1,206,602. Haloaminoketones. ELI LILLY & CO. 4 Oct., 1967, No. 45105/67. Heading C2C. Novel compounds of formula and acid addition salts thereof, wherein R1 and R2, when taken separately are C 1 -C 5 alkyl, C 4 -C 8 cycloalkyl, alkoxy (C 1-5 ) alkyl, phenyl or phenyl substituted by CF 3 or one or tw ...

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A cartridge used to store a dosage of dry medicant for subsequent use with an i.v. set comprises a liquid-tight container with a connector to mate with the set, and a barrier in the container to prevent passage of particles above a given size that could cause irritation of veins. The barrier is perv ...