Harald Philipp: Time domain capacitive field detector. David Kiewit, March 24, 1998: US05730165 (673 worldwide citation)

A capacitive field sensor, which may be used for the control of a water supply valve in a basin or fountain, employs a single coupling plate to detect a change in capacitance to ground. The apparatus comprises a circuit for charging a sensing electrode and a switching element acting to remove charge ...

Harald Philipp: Capacitive sensor and array. David Kiewit, September 17, 2002: US06452514 (608 worldwide citation)

Proximity of a body, which may be a user's finger, to an electrode pair is sensed by a charge transfer capacitive measurement approach. The electrode pair thus acts as a key that can be arrayed with other electrode pairs to form a keypad, keyboard, linear slider control, or liquid level sensor. ...

Harald Philipp: Charge transfer capacitance measurement circuit. David Kiewit, October 15, 2002: US06466036 (460 worldwide citation)

Pulse circuits for measuring the capacitance to ground of a plate may be used in control equipment to provide an indication of the proximity of a person or object to be sensed. Pulse circuits are disclosed that are made from sets of three or more electrical switching elements arranged so that each o ...

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A multi-electrode capacitive position sensor functions as part of a computer pointing device that can be integrated with the computer's keyboard (

Harald Philipp: Capacitive position sensor. David Kiewit, March 18, 2003: US06535200 (360 worldwide citation)

A multi-electrode capacitive position sensor functions as part of a computer pointing device that can be integrated with the computer's keyboard and that employs ratiometric capacitive sensing techniques. This approach allows a computer user to move a cursor about on a display by skimming his o ...

Harald Philipp: Capacitive closure obstruction sensor. David Kiewit, April 23, 2002: US06377009 (346 worldwide citation)

A system for preventing the pinching or trapping of a human body part or foreign object by a closing panel, which may be a window, door, sunroof, hood or trunk lid, or other closure part of a transport vehicle operates by capacitively sensing the human body part, either before contact with a sensing ...


Harald Philipp: Adaptive faucet controller measuring proximity and motion. David Kiewit, October 22, 1996: US05566702 (261 worldwide citation)

An electronically controlled automatic faucet has a pulsed infrared beam intersecting the water stream discharged by the faucet. Infrared signals reflected from the water stream are thus detected in addition to any signals reflected from a user's hand(s). A reasonable approximation of the signal rec ...

Harald Philipp: Capacitively coupled identity verification and escort memory apparatus. David Kiewit, October 28, 1997: US05682032 (190 worldwide citation)

The invention provides a control system responsive to a data-bearing record that has two electrodes configured so that one of the two is either in physical contact with, or is at least more nearly proximate, a reader plate than is the other electrode. The reader portion of the system may use a pulse ...

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An energy field disturbance sensor comprises an energy field emission means such as a light emitting diode; the emitted field may contain a time-varying component. An energy sensing device such as a photodiode receives the field energy to produce a sensing signal related to the intensity of the emit ...