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A process for separating an aromatic hydrocarbon of the general formula ##STR1## wherein R represents an alkyl group having 1 to 3 carbon atoms and

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A TDM multiplex communications system for effectively transmitting voice, or high speed, and signalling information or low speed data, between a plurality of stations by employing an asynchronous sub-multiplex channel for the low speed data transmission. The sub-multiplex channel comprises one or mo ...

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The N-acylsulphamoylphenyl ureas of the formula I below are suitable as preventives (antidotes or safeners) to protect crop plants from the phytotoxic effect of herbicides. Possible crops are preferably cereals, soya, sorghum, maize and rice, and possible herbicides are sulphonyl ureas, chloroacetan ...

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Lubricant is preferably applied in an aqueous dispersion. To prevent coagulation of the solids in the aqueous dispersion on the one hand and to obtain a heat-resistant uniform lubricating film on the other hand, the high-temperature lubricant additionally contains, apart from a solid lubricant, an o ...

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In order to provide the pilots with a display or a map of the terrain below the aircraft, a display is generated on a cockpit display, such as a weather radar, of the contours of the terrain below the aircraft. The terrain contour display is generated from aircraft position information, a terrain da ...

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Cleaning device, especially for the cleaning of swimming pools, having a housing (

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A laser beam levelling instrument has a pipe length which is vertically and centrally mounted in the cover of a casing. The ends of this pipe length are pivotable, so that it can always be held in the vertical position. For this purpose two spirit levels are arranged at right angles to one another o ...

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In a transmission method for variable parameters from loaded vehicle wheels, wherein energy is transmitted to a secondary coil (5) mounted concentrically on a wheel during varying excitation by a primary coil (2) integral with a vehicle, and an information signal, which is a function of the output s ...