Hans O Loberg: Isolated semiconductor gate control circuit. General Electric Company, Arnold E Renner, Philip L Schlamp, October 4, 1977: US04052623 (36 worldwide citation)

A circuit for the generation or development of a gating signal for a semiconductor device which is isolated from the circuit of the device itself is comprised of a pulse generating section which feeds pulses to the primary winding of a transformer to thereby induce pulses into the transformer second ...

Hans O Loberg: Power conversion unit. General Electric Company, Arnold E Renner, May 22, 1979: US04156275 (6 worldwide citation)

A power conversion unit for supplying electrical power to a load from a polyphase a.c. source includes a controlled rectifier bridge connected between the source and the load. Control of the rectifiers is provided through the generation of a firing wave signal for each phase of the source which wave ...

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