Hans Jurgen Bisping: Transvenously implantable lead. Medtronic, Lew Schwartz, Joseph F Breimayer, Harry W Barron, August 15, 1978: US04106512 (163 worldwide citation)

A body-implantable, intravascular lead affixed with a pin or pins at its proximal end adapted to be connected to a cardiac pacemaker pulse generator and with an electrode or electrodes at its distal end adapted to be securely and permanently attached to a body organ through endothelial tissue. An el ...

Hans Jurgen Bisping: Implantable lead assembly with extendable screw-in electrode. Watson Cole Grindle & Watson, December 12, 1989: US04886074 (108 worldwide citation)

An implantable electrode type lead assembly of the flexible type which is particularly adapted for implantation in the cardiac muscle for applications such as use with a pacemaker. The lead assembly has an electrode head which includes a fixation spiral for implantation into tissue and as well as a ...

Hans Jurgen Bisping: Electrode for implantation in the heart. Spencer & Kaye, August 11, 1981: US04282885 (60 worldwide citation)

Electrode for implantation in the heart, particularly for stimulating the heart muscle, including an electrode lead, a helix protruding at the end of the electrode lead near the heart for screwing the electrode into cardiac tissue, and a protective device protruding beyond the front end of the helix ...

Hans Jurgen Bisping: Implantable electrode with active fixation means. Leitner Greene & Christensen, January 24, 1989: US04799499 (55 worldwide citation)

An implantable lead assembly to electrically stimulate the heart from a stimulus generator has an electrode head with a surface portion conducive to electrical stimulation, the head having a contour concentric with the axis except along a portion indented toward the axis to form a recess in the head ...

Hans Jurgen Bisping: Implantable electrode. Spencer & Kaye, November 18, 1980: US04233992 (52 worldwide citation)

Implantable electrode, particularly for implantation in a cardiac ventricle in order to stimulate the cardiac muscle, including an insulated electrode lead and at least one fastening element for fixing the electrode end so as to bring a conductive region forming the stimulation surface of the electr ...


Hans Jurgen Bisping: Test cable arrangement. Charles L Schwab, Nexsen Pruet Jacobs Pollard, March 16, 2004: US06708067 (3 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to a test cable which has an at least two-wire design and which is provided for a sterile application, e.g. during the implantation of a cardiac pacemaker. The test cable serves as an electrical connection between the probe (electrode connector