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The present invention provides a process for the currentless deposition of lectropositive metal layers on to appropriate less electropositive metals by contacting an object to be coated with a coating bath, wherein a coating bath is used which contains a metal complex obtained by reacting a monovale ...

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Black crystal compositions having the empirical composition Bi.sub.a Sr.sub.b Cu.sub.c O.sub.d are described where a+b+c=1, A=0.36-0.557, b=0.098-0.496, c=0.1-0.4 and d=approximately 1+a/2. These compositions have a superconducting transition temperature T.sub.c for superconductivity of greater than ...

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A description is given of superconducting substances having a content of Bi, Sr, Ca and Cu, and of processes for their preparation from the metal oxides within a range which is specified by the overall composition Bi.sub.a (Sr,Ca).sub.b -Cu.sub.6 O.sub.x, where a=3-24 and b=3.23-24, with an Sr/Ca at ...

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A new crystalline modification of germanium is described, as well as a method of manufacturing it. This new crystalline germanium modification has an orthorhombic structure and graphite-like properties.

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.beta.-zinc diphosphide monocrystals (.beta.-ZnP.sub.2) (whiskers) having a diameter of at least 7 mm are made. To this end, a quartz ampoule is filled up to 70-90% its volume with polycrystalline .beta.-ZnP.sub.2 ; the ampoule is sealed and drawn in upright position at a velocity of 0.5-2.5 mm/day ...

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A largely uniform superconducting compound having a layer structure and the overall composition Bi4(Ca,Sr)6Cu4Oapprox. 20 with an atomic ratio Ca/Sr of 1:3.5-1:6.28 is described and its three-dimensional structure is given. In addition, superconducting compounds of the formula Bi4(Ca,Sr)4+2nCu2+2nOa ...