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A piezoelectric detector for determination of the mass or film thickness of gaseous, liquid or solid substances being adsorbed or condensed on the surface of a piezoelectric resonator, having at least one measuring resonator with at least one integrated thin-film sensor, one discrete or integrated o ...

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The mutually sliding members of a joint implant are each coated with a hard material selected from the group consisting of titanium carbide, oxicarbide, nitride, oxinitride, carbonitride and oxicarbonitride in order to improve the sliding, wear resistance and adhesion properties of the members.

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Machine parts are disclosed which are subjected to rolling or sliding conditions, wherein the friction partners are protected by layers with low static and dynamic coefficients of friction which are selected with regard to their tribological properties and whereby the layers are constituted by carbi ...

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A diffusion barrier and separation substance for metal parts which adjoin each other in an oxygen-free, inert and preferably a helium-containing atmosphere such as used in a closed-cycle high temperature reactor or gas turbine comprises first and second adjoining metal parts with a hexagonal boron n ...

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Palier à roulement permettant une utilisation dans des conditions extrêmes sans risque de déformation à la fabrication, ni de soudage des partenaires de roulement.