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A method and system for generating a user interface in a database management system. A semantic data model is used to describe a database in terms of data types stored in the database and functional types that describe relationships between the data types stored in the database. The system dynamical ...

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An osteosynthetic pressure plate having several holes for bone screws positioned along its longitudinal axis and having an underside with curved recesses, designed for positioning on the bone so that immediately upon implantation there are spaces between the bone and the pressure plate.

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An apparatus for producing a series of electronic forms that are related to completing a task. The apparatus includes a computer system in which one or more databases are stored. The computer system displays a list of tasks that can be selected by a customer service representative. Each task has ass ...

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A method and system for processing a user dialogue using dialogue-state objects. The method and system are implemented using an interactive computer system. The interactive computer system includes a dialogue manager and application control logic. The method includes the step of providing a pluralit ...

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Apparatus for continuous separation of solid-fluid mixtures comprising means for routing an endless band of filter cloth folded to form an endless tube which is longitudinally openable and closable to permit introduction of a mixture into the tube for filtering, and removal of solids following filte ...