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A micropump particularly suited for use in the fields of medicine and analysis includes a thin membrane plate sandwiched between a surface plate and a glass-made substrate. The intermediate membrane has an inlet valve and an outlet valve and the glass substrate has an inlet port and an outlet port, ...

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A power generator is provided and includes a piezoelectric transducer which generates electric power upon application of a strain. The power generator includes a vibrating arm having a sandwich structure wherein a support layer is held between at least two piezoelectric portions. The vibrating arm i ...

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Oxytitanium phthalocyanine having a crystal form characterized by main peaks specified by Bragg angles (2.sigma..+-.0.2 degree) of 9.0 degrees, 14.2 degrees, 23.9 degrees and 27.1 degrees in X-ray diffraction pattern based on CuK.alpha. characteristic X-rays. The oxytitanium phthalocyanine crystal p ...

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An electroluminescent device is constituted by disposing an organic compound layer between a pair of electrodes. An improved output is given by including in the organic compound layer a compound having a skeleton of the following formula (II) and having a carbonyl group: ##STR1## wherein R.sub.3, R. ...

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There are disclosed low crystalline oxytitanium phthalocyanines which have characteristic strong peaks at specific angles of Bragg angle 2.theta..+-.0.2.degree.. Using the low crystalline oxytitanium phthalocyanines, it is easy to obtain oxytitanium phthalocyanines having novel crystal forms. Electr ...

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A power generator using a piezoelectric element is provided which generates electric power at a high efficiency. It has been determined that the efficiency of power generation varies as a function of the ratio of an initial unloaded value of the power generator to a prescribed voltage of the input o ...

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Rotatable circular plates are stacked apart to form thin air layers therebetween. Rotation of the circular plates moves air over an air treatment material: catalyst or adsorbent. In one embodiment, the air treatment material is affixed to the surface of the circular plates. In another embodiment, th ...

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An electrophotographic photosensitive member comprises a photosensitive layer on a substrate, said photosensitive layer comprising a disazo pigment represented by the formula (1).

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An electrophotographic photosensitive member is constituted by an electroconductive support, an intermediate layer disposed on the electroconductive support and a photosensitive layer disposed on the intermediate layer. The intermediate layer contains a copolymer having at least two species of a rec ...

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A humidity sensing apparatus which includes a humidity sensor which detects humidity as a function of impedance is provided. A reference resistor has a predetermined resistance value. A charge switching circuit selectively couples one of the reference resistor or the humidity sensor in series with a ...