Dipankar Raychaudhuri, Hai Xie, Ruixi Yuan: Multiservices medium access control protocol for wireless ATM system. NEC USA, Philip J Feig, June 10, 1997: US05638371 (295 worldwide citation)

A medium access control (MAC) layer protocol is used in a wireless ATM system for integrated support of ATM services, including constant bit-rate (CBR), variable bit-rate (VBR) and available bit-rate (ABR) services. The MAC protocol supports both connectionless packet and connection-oriented virtual ...

Dipankar Raychaudhuri, Hai Xie, Ruixi Yuan: Data link control protocols for wireless ATM access channels. NEC USA, Philip J Feig, November 4, 1997: US05684791 (188 worldwide citation)

A data link control procedure for wireless ATM access channels based on a dynamic TDMA/TDD framework provides integrated ATM services including available bit-rate (ABR) data and constant/variable bit-rate (CBR/VBR) voice or video through the addition of wireless-specific medium access control and da ...