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A method and apparatus to perform low noise reset of a pixel circuit within an active pixel image sensor.

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A vertical bipolar transistor is formed along with an IGFET transistor in a process in which the bipolar transistor collector, base and emitter structure is formed in the body of a semiconductor mesa-like structure while the IGFET transistor is formed in and along one of the sidewalls of the structu ...

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A reconfigurable ADC includes a plurality of reconfigurable blocks for allowing the ADC to provide a plurality of architectures. In one embodiment, the ADC can be configured to operate in a pipeline mode and a sigma-delta mode. This arrangement provides an ADC having a relatively large range of band ...

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A split parity spare disk achieving method for improving the defect endurance and performance of a RAID subsystem which distributively stores data in a disk array consisting of a plurality of disk drives and carries out an input/output operation in parallel includes the steps of: constructing the di ...

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The present invention comprises a circuit for measuring the capacitive differences of small capacitors. The circuit comprises a reference capacitor and a sensor capacitor. Connected to one of the plates of each capacitor is a switch which connects the capacitors to one of two reference voltages. The ...

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A CMOS image sensor array has rows and columns of active pixels. In addition, there are one or more column lines each cooperating with the active pixels in the respective columns. Each active pixel has an output connected to a column line. Each active pixel includes a photodiode that produces a sign ...

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A circuit and method measure the output voltage of a CMOS pixel in a manner that substantially reduces all columnar pattern noise due to mismatches in the signal processing circuits including the correlated double sampling amplifiers and A/D converters. The circuit includes a test switch, operativel ...

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A self-calibrating pipeline analog-to-digital converter having a plurality of analog-to-digital conversion units and including a recursive calibrating section operable for calibrating errors associated with an immediately preceding first conversion unit. The recursive calibrating section includes ci ...

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An analog-to-digital converter having at least one stage, each stage comprising an array of capacitors, one or more comparators, an operational amplifier, and switches. Each stage operates in two phases, the sampling phase and the amplifying phase. During the sampling phase, the input voltage is sam ...

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The invention provides a superconducting bandpass sigma-delta modulator for use in analog-to-digital converters for converting an analog input signal to a digital output signal. The modulator includes an input unit, a sampling pulse generator unit, a quantizer unit, and a high Q resonator unit. The ...