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MPEG2-based transmission systems transmit a large number of digital television programs in a single physical channel. Disclosed herein is a "Channel Navigation System" which allows a user to get an overview of the digital programs provided, and to easily select a desired program. The method of the i ...

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A remote control device for a home theater has a macro creation/editing mode with authoring tools on the remote's GUI. One of the editing tools lets the user move a selected macro step visibly up or down the list of steps on the GUI.

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An audio/video set is operated with hierarchical menus. It displays a menu string of first items in a first coordinate direction on the screen and detects a user selecting an item thereamong. Upon so detecting, the set displays a menu string of second items in a coordinate direction transverse to th ...

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In a display device equipped with a picture-in-picture function, during controlling of the picture parameters of the main picture, one or several auxiliary pictures are presented on the screen, each having a certain combination of parameter settings. These may be preprogrammed, defined by a user, or ...

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A remote control device for remote control of home theater equipment has a display with a touch screen representing a GUI. User-activation of the GUI causes its appearance to change. The change is effected through animation. Animation is the simulation of movement created by displaying a series of b ...