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A remote control unit, particularly for a television receiver or a video tape recorder, having a limited number of keys which have different functions that are identified by lettering presented on display elements corresponding to the keys, depending upon which appliance is selected for control. The ...

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A method for recording and/or reproducing digitally coded video signals. A frame sequence is coded in such a way that an intraframe coded picture having a fixed or variable block length is recorded at the beginning. A fixed number of interframe coded pictures follow. The block length of the interfra ...

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A method for transmitting digital video signals wherein spectral values are sorted according to magnitude and leading zeros are suppressed. In this way, the average word per pixel length can be reduced to about 1 bit, with image quality remaining acceptable.

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A pulse code modulated audio signal transmission system which compensates for signal interference in the pulse code modulated audio signal. The system includes a first device for receiving an audio signal and for converting the audio signal into a pulse code modulated audio signal, and a second devi ...

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A device for transferring signals between itself and a record carrier tape, the device including a rotating head wheel disk, at least one head disposed on the rotating head wheel disk, a sensor and a signal emitter to indicate the position of the head wheel disk, the improvement wherein the signal e ...