Gunes M Ecer: Consolidation of a drilling element from separate metallic components. CDP, William W Haefliger, December 23, 1986: US04630692 (76 worldwide citation)

The method of forming a cutter, which includes a core and a wear resistant insert defining a body means which includes

William J Salesky, Gunes M Ecer, Karl O Kuhn: Rock bits having metallurgically bonded cutter inserts. Smith International, Gabor L Szekeres, June 10, 1986: US04593776 (75 worldwide citation)

A cladding process is disclosed wherein hard carbide cutter inserts, as well as polycrystalline diamond composites, are metallurgically bonded into an exterior core of a rock bit cone or a drag bit body. The cladding is bonded onto the exterior surface of the core of the cone or the drag bit by a po ...

Gunes M Ecer: Composite bearing structure of alternating hard and soft metal, and process for making the same. Smith International, Gabor L Szekeres, October 2, 1984: US04474861 (70 worldwide citation)

A bearing structure having a substrate and a bearing surface of alternating, spaced, hard metal and soft metal areas is disclosed. The hard metal is metallurgically bonded to the base metal substrate by rapidly melting in a predetermined pattern a powdered hardfacing composition disposed on a bearin ...

Gunes M Ecer: System and method for diet control. William W Haefliger, May 2, 1995: US05412564 (70 worldwide citation)

A system and a method for recording and monitoring of dietary consumption by a consumer is disclosed. The system consists of a computer for storing and processing nutritional information of the type used for diet control, a real time clock for maintaining current date record, a product code entry te ...

Gunes M Ecer, Susan Wood, Jan J Schreurs: Wear resistant steel articles with carbon, oxygen and nitrogen implanted in the surface thereof. Westinghouse Electric, John J Prizzi, December 4, 1984: US04486247 (65 worldwide citation)

The present invention pertains to steel articles having improved wear and friction properties and the method of producing these articles. A steel surface containing relatively high levels of nitrogen and having a surface film containing carbon is implanted with high energy ions. Overlapping layers e ...




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