Grove Robert H, De Torre Robert P, Dahlberg John R: Method of and an apparatus for cutting glass. PPG, Shanahan Thomas F, April 2, 1974: US3800991 (35 worldwide citation)

Pieces of flat glass are cut to desired size without the necessity of grinding to size and polishing. Trims are removed from the piece in accordance with a procedure involving the creation of a subsurface discontinuity along an intended path of cut, followed by the application of surface heat along ...

Dahlberg John R, Grove Robert H: Method for trimming glass. PPG, Millman Dennis G, November 25, 1975: US3921873 (5 worldwide citation)

Method for improving the edge quality of bulb edge trim cuts wherein a band of the glass parallel to a bulb edge is heated during the cutting operation so as to reduce compressive forces in the bulb portion.