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A system for projecting a speedometer or other instrument reading as a virtual image, focused at infinity, into the field of view of a vehicle operator includes the windshield and a lens system containing a lens that substantially corrects aberrations caused by curvature of the windshield.


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An article consisting of two or more flexible envelopes such as plastics bags contained within a substantially rigid protective container such as a cardboard box. Both envelopes are attached to a single liquid dispensing device. One of the envelopes may contain a liquid comprising a surfactant and t ...

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A seat frame, particularly for an automobile, comprises a base frame; a pad which comprises a series of parallel cords and a series of parallel cross-wires, and is suspended across the base frame by means of two rows of tension spring members extending from opposite sides of the base frame for conne ...

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An apparatus, system or method enables microbubbles to be created on demand for use as the contrast agent within a contrast medium administrable to a patient for purposes of a medical procedure. The system comprises a reservoir, a pressurizing device, a microbubble generator, and a controller. The r ...

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A process is described in which textile strands containing a moisture laden coating thereon are passed through a drying oven to remove moisture therefrom and in which operation strands passing through the oven are protected from damage by providing an automatic gathering means in the oven to consoli ...

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The invention concerns cationic complexes of Technetium-99m with bidentate ligands (L), including complexes having the formulae [Tc(NO) X L2] and [Tc L3], which are of interest as heart imaging agents. The ligands are characterized by having the formula Y2QZQY2, where each Q is phosphorus or arsenic ...

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A combined fluid injection and inflation system is disclosed and includes a fluid delivery system including at least one pressurizing device, a fluid path, and a control unit. The fluid path is adapted to connect the pressurizing device to a patient via a catheter including a balloon and inserted in ...

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A tridentate mono-anionic ligand having the structure R2X - A - YR - Q - Z where X is P, As or N Y is P, As or N Z is phenolic OH, thiophenol or thiol, each of A and Q is a C1-C4 hydrocarbon bridge, two adjacent C atoms of which may form part of a benzene ring and which may carry at least one C1-C4 ...

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A process for the production of mono-olefins from a paraffin-containing hydrocarbon feed having at least two carbon atoms which comprises a first step of partially combusting a mixture of the hydrocarbon feed and a molecular oxygen-containing gas in contact with a catalyst capable of supporting comb ...