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An improved blast cleaning system and an improved method of blast cleaning using solid carbon dioxide pellets is provided. A compressed air source--preferably an air compressor--is used to produce a compressed air or carrier gas stream which is cooled to the desired temperature by injection of a cry ...

Gregory W Henzler: Cryogenic control of emission of solvent vapors from mixers. Liquid Carbonic Corporation, Fitch Even Tabin & Flannery, November 29, 1994: US05367881 (4 worldwide citation)

A method is disclosed for the reduction of emissions of solvent vapors from a batch mixing vessel by cryogenically condensing such vapors in and adjacent the top loading hatch at a rate approximating their evaporation from the mix.

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A gap fairing for a tractor-trailer is provided. A fairing body with an impact absorbing extension is attached to a chassis of the tractor, independently of the cab thereof and within a gap between a cab of the tractor and the trailer. The fairing body has side portions, extending rearwardly from a ...

Mark William Ackley, Alan Barnard Stewart, Gregory W Henzler, Frederick Wells Leavitt, Frank Notaro, Michael Scott Kane: Psa apparatus and process using adsorbent mixtures. Praxair Technology, wei jinxi, December 22, 1999: CN99108445

The invention comprises a PSA apparatus for the separation of a heavy component from a light component in a feed stream. The apparatus includes an adsorbent bed comprising either a mixture or a composite adsorbent comprising two or more adsorbents, wherein at least one of the adsorbents is comparati ...