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A direct modulation phase lock loop (PLL) a voltage controlled oscillator (VCO) (114). A divider (118) has a first divider input coupled to the VCO and a second divider input to receive a modulation inducing divisor sequence. A phase detector (102) has a first detector input coupled to the divider t ...


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An exciter matching circuit (125), interstage matching circuit (134), and harmonic filter matching circuit (140) match impedances at the input to a two-stage power amplifier (130), between the first stage (132) and the second stage (136) of the power amplifier (130), and at the output of the power a ...


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A communication device (104) comprises a receiver circuit (108) receiving a modulated receive signal. A reference oscillator (132) generates a first clock signal at a first frequency, the first clock signal having harmonics. Circuitry (130) coupled to the reference oscillator and to the receiver res ...


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A power amplifier circuit (200) for amplifying a radio frequency (RF) signal received at an input (208) into an amplified RF signal at an output (210) includes a coupler circuit (222, 122), a second input (206), a power amplifier (218), and a level shifter (228). The coupler circuit (222, 122) is co ...

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A switching circuit (30) in a portable telephone connects a gate of a field-effect transistor (Q1) to a voltage below the transistor's gate threshold voltage when the voltage at a first power source terminal (B) falls below a threshold voltage, thus disconnecting the first power source terminal (B) ...

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An electronic device (102) includes a power supply (114), an amplifier circuit (132), and a power down protection circuit (160). The power supply (114) supplies power to the electronic device (102). The amplifier circuit (132) is powered by the power supply (114) to amplify a signal into an amplifie ...

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Described are methods of a mobile communication device for processing a balance information message from a service provider in response to a balance information query. A method includes obtaining a service provider identity from a SIM, determining a format of a balance information message and identi ...