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A tube rack comprises a base having an array of vertical openings extending therebetween, the openings being configured and dimensioned to receive a plurality of tubes, with the upper ends of the tubes being accessible at the top surface. The base includes base sidewalls that each include a co-axial ...

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The invention relates to an improved multiwell cluster plate. The wells of the plate each have an upper chamber and a lower chamber separated by a microporous membrane. Adjacent to each well is a corresponding access port. The access port is a separate opening in the tip surface of the plate which p ...

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A filtration system for handling an array of filter wells which are open at the top and closed by a filter membrane at the bottom. The system includes a manifold chamber defined by side and bottom walls and having a support for the wells which carries the filter membranes above the bottom walls so t ...

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A tissue or cell growth device is described for placement within a well of a cluster dish. The device has a cell or tissue retention element detachably attached to a hanger. The hanger preferably has openings allowing access to the well without removal of the member and is capable of positioning the ...

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The present application relates generally to a system for the practice of high density cell culture. The system employs the use of two tanks; a cell growth tank having multiple cell growth chambers, is preferably situated within a reservoir tank. A series of pumps and outlets provide an even and con ...

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Apparatus for growing tissue cultures in vitro, which permits a concentration gradient of nutrients to develop through a permeable membrane to which a sample of tissue is attached. The permeable membrane is attached to the bottom end of a tubular support that in turn hangs by a flange connected to i ...

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The invention relates to a pipette tip mounting shaft configuration and a disposable pipette tip having a matching configuration. The mounting shaft includes a locking section located above a lower sealing section. The locking section has outwardly extending locking lobes circumferentially spaced ar ...

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A filter for a centrifuge tube including a pressure filter for separating a mixture under centrifugal force. The filter tube is adapted to fit within the upper portion of a standard plastic centrifuge tube. The filter tube has a pressure filter at its lower end and an opening at its upper end adapte ...

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A cassette storage rack having a tray-like base with dividers so as to orient the cassettes in their boxes uniformly in the rack. The cassette boxes are retained in the rack by means of a resilient foam block which engages one edge of each box and urges it against an opposite retaining wall.

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Microplates and methods for manufacturing microplates. The microplate is designed to allow UV radiation to pass through the bottom wells of the microplate so that the microplate can be used for assaying samples by use of UV absorbance. In one embodiment, the microplate comprises at least first and s ...