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The present invention is directed to a system and method for providing complete electronic commerce (“E-Commerce”) transactions and solutions for a marketing company's products via the World Wide Web, including facilities for signing up new customers and recruiting, training and supporting new Indep ...

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A tethered knee bolster panel which is deployed rearward in the passenger compartment of an automotive vehicle during a crash to provide lower torso restraint. The knee bolster is an air bag system which propels the knee bolster panel rearward during deployment. The activated knee bolster allows aut ...

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A compartmentalized airbag knee bolster device is mounted to the instrument panel of a vehicle for restraining forward movement of the knees of the front seat occupants. The device contains a plenum chamber attached to an inflator for pressurizing the plenum chamber. A plurality of airbag compartmen ...

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A membrane horn switch has a flexible thin front plate and a rigid thick back plate. The plates are coated with a conductive layer which are separated by dielectric material applied to either or both plates. The plates are attached together around their perimeters using a pressure sensitive adhesive ...

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An inflator apparatus for inflating an inflatable device and a method are provided which utilize a burst disk arrangement which results in a sequential opening regime such as may desirably provide a form of the above-described S curve inflation performance behavior without necessitating the use of o ...

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A molded cover for an automotive airbag module is provided with one or more windows therethrough to transmit light from a light source within said module. The light source is typically used to indicate the location or identify function switches under the molded cover.

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An air bag inflator including a housing formed of sheet metal includes an annular base having a central opening and a cover for containing gas generating pyrotechnic material including an annular top wall spaced from the base having a central opening in coaxial alignment with the central opening of ...

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An inflator mount for attachment to an inflator having a cylindrical sidewall and a peripheral inflator flange radially extending from the sidewall, and for mounting the inflator within an airbag module. The inflator mount includes a generally flat annular bracket having an inside edge defining an o ...

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A method for forming a complex hole through a wall of a structure. The complex hole has a smaller cross-sectional area within the wall and an outer portion with a larger cross-sectional area adjacent a first surface of the wall. The complex hole further has an inner portion extending between the sma ...

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Featured in an air bag inflator in respect of which, during assembly, there is a requirement for the ignition train to be installed last, along with a need to hermetically seal both the gas generant material and the ignition train from the environment, is the use of two independent pressure vessels, ...