David A Juergens, Greg P Terek: Combination tiered letter tray and vertical file. Rubbermaid Commercial Products, Hamilton Renner & Kenner, February 21, 1978: US04074810 (67 worldwide citation)

A tiered letter tray comprising at least two trays detachably stacked one upon another by rectangular plastic riser plates and a vertical file comprising at least one L-shaped trough having means at one side of its base for selective attachment to the side of the bottom letter tray, said trough adap ...

Howard W Andrews Jr, Paul E Delmerico, Greg P Terek: Refuse container having stacking and nesting handles. Rubbermaid Commercial Products, Richard B O Planick, February 9, 1993: US05184836 (52 worldwide citation)

A quadrilateral refuse container (2) comprising a bottom (8) and four sidewalls (6) extending upwardly therefrom and terminating in an upper rim (64). The container further comprises a handle (52) extending outward from at least one side of the container, the handle having two parallel spaced apart ...

Paul E Delmerico, Greg P Terek, Charles T Ingles: Refuse container dolly having integral alignment means. Rubbermaid Commercial Products, Richard B O Planick, December 24, 1991: US05074572 (32 worldwide citation)

A refuse container and dolly assembly in which the refuse container and dolly includes a square or rectangular transverse sectional configuration. An alignment flange is provided in the top surface of the dolly, adapted to engage a registration flange in the underside of the container, whereby, upon ...

Paul E Delmerico, Greg P Terek: Mop wringer. Rubbermaid Commercial Products, Renner Kenner Greive Bobak Taylor & Weber, December 10, 1991: US05070574 (16 worldwide citation)

A mop wringer (10), which is adapted to be positioned on the rim of a pail or the like, includes a body member (11) having a front wall (14). A pressure plate (30) is pivotally connected to the body member (11). The inner surface of the front wall (14) has passageways (15A) therein and the outer sur ...