Green Edgar E, Nuckols Phillip H: Folding implement carrier. Paul Abbott Company, June 13, 1972: US3669195 (25 worldwide citation)

Apparatus having fixed and movable portions for supporting a plurality of earth-working implements with such apparatus extending substantially beyond the sides of a propelling vehicle when in use and folded to inoperative position when not in use as well as while travelling and maneuvering. The mova ...

Green Edgar E: Tool bar mounting clamp. Paul Abbott Co, Dowell & Dowell, September 24, 1974: US3837408 (8 worldwide citation)

Apparatus adjustably and reversibly mounted on a frame carried by a propelling vehicle and adapted to support a tool bar in a plurality of vertically spaced positions to accommodate a wide variety of implements with minimum movement of the frame.This is a continuation of application Ser. No. 114,653 ...

Green Edgar E: Trailer hitch safety device. Dowell Jr A Yates, February 5, 1974: US3790192 (8 worldwide citation)

Apparatus for locking a trailer hitch socket to a ball carried by a propelling vehicle to prevent separation of the ball and socket in the event that the conventional connecting means should fail or if the ball should fracture.

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