Phillip Jacobs
Rajesh Odedra, Megan Ravetz, Graham Williams, Phillip Reeve Jacobs: Process and apparatus for the isolation of pure, or substantially pure, organometallic compounds. Sigma Aldrich Co, Jeffrey A Wilson, October 16, 2007: US07282119 (12 worldwide citation)

A process and apparatus to enable the continuous isolation of an organometallic compound, such as trimethylindium from a liquid feedstock. The liquid feedstock is delivered to a distillation column having two heating zones to effect dissociation of the feed stock thereby liberating the organometalli ...

Robert Levy, Sarah Graham Williams, Michael Cronin, Maxim Mazeev, Bryan Beatty, Daniel Wigdor: Visual response to touch inputs. Microsoft Corporation, Alleman Hall McCoy Russell & Tuttle, May 21, 2013: US08446376 (36 worldwide citation)

The provision of visual responses to touch inputs is disclosed. For example, one disclosed embodiment provides a computing device comprising a touch-sensitive display, a processor in operative communication with the touch-sensitive display, and memory comprising instructions stored thereon that are ...

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A fluid actuated orthopedic tool for cutting away degenerated or torn cartilage which includes a housing having a piston chamber in which a piston is reciprocally mounted and an associated head portion. The head portion includes an elongated tubular guide having a fixed cutter member connected there ...

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A process and apparatus for the continuous production of organometallic compounds from a metal precursor and an alkylating agent. The reactants are delivered separately to a reaction centre (

Simon Malcolm Husbands, Sergio Manuel Sequiera, Peter Graham Williams: Protection attachment for a safety helmet. B Craig Killough, August 5, 2008: US07406721 (22 worldwide citation)

A safety construction helmet is provided with an attachment which extends over the top of the helmet and provides sun protection.

Megan Ravetz, Graham Williams, Andrew Nelson, Roy Trevor Blunt, Howard Williams, Rajesh Odedra: Method and apparatus for delivering precursors to a plurality of epitaxial reactor sites. Epichem, IQE, March 2, 2004: US06698728 (19 worldwide citation)

A method and apparatus for the bulk delivery of a precursor, such as an organometallic compound, from a bulk container, such as a bubbler (

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A highly reliable and safe, modular automatic refill (bulk delivery) system for ultra-high purity pyrophoric metalorganic chemicals employing: a manifold that insures contamination-free operation; a liquid-level detection system with fail-safe redundancy; and an evacuation system which leaves the sy ...

Terence John Henman, Graham Williams: Polymer composition. Imperial Chemical, Cushman Darby & Cushman, December 28, 1976: US04000111 (10 worldwide citation)

A blend of at least one carboxylic acid which is an aromatic acid, a hydroxy-acid, or a polycarboxylic acid or the anhydride of such an acid and a polypropylene/unsaturated carboxylic acid or anhydride graft copolymer has adhesive properties similar to those of the graft copolymer alone. The blend i ...

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The invention provides an improved means of purifying water which comprises a water treatment apparatus comprising a treatment housing (

Laurence Graham Williams: Method of constructing and assembling cupboards and wardrobes. Workshop for Housing, Smith Hill and Bedell, January 6, 2004: US06672690 (7 worldwide citation)

A method of constructing a wardrobe or cupboard is disclosed which comprises securing to a wall two vertical tracks each having an apertured surface. Two side panels each having projections at its rear edge that engage in the apertures in the tracks are then mounted on the tracks to secure the side ...