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A system, method, and various software products provide improved information retrieval performance from multiple document databases by retrieving from the multiple document databases in response to a user query, a set of documents that globally satisfy the query, even though each database maintains ...

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A system, method, and various software products provide for improved information retrieval in very large document databases through the use of a predetermined static cache. The static cache includes for terms that appear in a large number of documents, a plurality of documents ordered by a contribut ...

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An information retrieval system incorporates an extensible query architecture allowing an applications programmer to integrate new query models into the system as desired. The query architecture is based on an abstract base class of query nodes, or code objects that retrieve records from the databas ...

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An electronics assembly, for example a computer, comprises an enclosure, and a heat-generating component located within the enclosure. A duct extends from the region of an aperture in a wall of the enclosure to the component and a fan is located within the duct to cause a flow of air from outside th ...

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A cabinet 2 is disclosed for a plurality of units 6 which dissipate heat. The cabinet 2 has a plenum chamber 12, a rack 4 for mounting the units allowing passages for cooling air past the units, and a fan unit 14 for propelling air to flow from outside the cabinet through the passages into the plenu ...

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In a control means for a battery operated motor such as is used in a fork lift truck, the D.C. switch for controlling the supply of current in pulses to the motor is controlled by a demand signal below a predetermined motor output but the demand signal is modified above that output to reduce the spe ...

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Collaborative web pages are enabled which allow every page on a website to be editable by an author and by others the author lets access the site. Web pages can send and receive email messages. Users can attach files to pages. Structure queries and page-building are enabled by use of various forms a ...

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In some control systems for controlling the supply of electrical energy from a battery to the electric motor of a vehicle it is desirable in certain circumstances to use the maximum available current which may be in excess of that available through a thyristor type D.C. switch. Rather than increase ...

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Phenols are prepared by decomposing aromatic organic hydroperoxides in the presence of a metal complex containing the grouping ##SPC1##Wherein M is a metal atom having a co-ordination number of at least 2 and recovering the phenols from the decomposition products.

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The invention relates to apparatus for use in the coating of surfaces of substrates by Physical Vapor Deposition systems (PVD) wherein the deposition in material is applied onto the said surfaces by the sputtering of the same using the PVD system. The invention provides means for preventing sputteri ...