Graf Carl P, Fairchild Kim, Fant Karl M, Rusler George W, Schroeder Michael O: Computer controlled imaging system.. Honeywell, February 8, 1984: EP0100097-A2 (8 worldwide citation)

A digital image processing system makes use of a gaming area data base (208) which is purely mathematical and of an object library data base (212) which stores real-world images of objects in a scene. In this way the advantages of high fidelity of computer synthesized imagery CSI and of scene contro ...

Schroeder Michael O, Fant Karl M, Rusler George W, Fairchild Kim M, Graf Carl P: Imagerie synthetisee informatisee, Computer generated synthesized imagery. Honeywell, SMART & BIGGAR, June 17, 1986: CA1206259

ABSTRACT OF THE DISCLOSURE The disclosure relates to a computer controlledimaging system involving a digital image processing anddisplay system which has the ability to compose and constructa display scene from a library of images with sufficientprocessing speed to permit real-time or near real time ...

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