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FR9012228 substance of the following formula, process for its production and pharmaceutical compositions comprising it as an active ingredient. The invention also comprises a biologically pure culture of Chromobacterium violaceum WB968 (FERM BP-1968).

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Tetrazolinones of the formula (I) wherein X represents chloro, Y represents hydrogen atom, chloro, or methyl, R represents ethyl or n-propyl, and R represents cyclopentyl or cylohexyl, with the proviso that the total of the carbon atoms of R arid R is 7 or 8, a process for their preparation, and the ...

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The invention relates to novel compounds, FR-901154 and FR-901155 substances which have pharmacological activities such as immunosuppressive activity, antimicrobial activity, and the like, to a process for their production, to a pharmaceutical composition containing the same and to a use thereof as ...

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Novel tetrazolinones of the formula (I) wherein X is chlorine or bromine, Y is hydrogen, chlorine, bromine, methyl or ethyl, and R and R are the same or different C2-4 alkyl, a process for their preparation, and the use of the new compounds as herbicides, especially against paddy-weeds.

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Offenbart werden neue Benzoxazine der Formel (I) in derX Wasserstoff oder Halogen ist,R Wasserstoff oder C1-C2-Alkyl ist,R Cyano, Trimethylsilyl, Trimethylsi lylmethoxycarbonyl, C1-C4-Alkylthio oder Cyclopropyl ist undQ eine der folgenden Gruppen ist die Verwendung der neuen Verbindungen als Herbizi ...

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An object is to provide a compact apparatus and a method for generating wavelength-tunable short optical pulses, which apparatus and method can change the wavelength of generated pulses without adjustment of an optical system and enables generation of ideal femtosecond soliton pulses. The apparatus ...

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1-(3-halo-4-substituted phenyl)tetrazolinone derivatives of the formula (I) wherein X represents halogen atom, Y represents isopropyl group or isopropoxy group, R represents, ethyl group, propyl group, isopropyl group, or allyl group, and R represents ethyl group, propyl group, isopropyl group, or a ...

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Die Erfindung betrifft neue, substituierte Phenylsulfonylharnstoff-Derivate der allgemeinen Formel in der X für eine Phenyl-Gruppe oder eine Phenoxy-Gruppe steht und R für die Gruppe steht, worin R und R eine Methyl-Gruppe oder eine Methoxy-Gruppe bezeichnen, ein Verfahren und neue Zwi-schenprodukte ...

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A luciferase having a 555 amino-acid sequence (specified in the patent) and its derivs. (such as fragments of the luciferase consisting of residues 29-555; 30-55; 31-555 or 32-555) are new. Also claimed are a DNA sequence coding for the luciferase or its derivs.; a DNA vector contg. the DNA sequence ...