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A way of synchronizing the contents of commonly-owned mailboxes (108, 111) in disparate messaging systems, such as an e-mail system (100) and a multimedia system (101), networked via the Internet (102). The e-mail system uses the existing auto-forwarding feature (115) of the Internet e-mail communit ...

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An Internet/intranet-based arrangement for interaction between a messaging system and a message originator and delivery of the message originator's message to a mailbox of the messaging system uses TCP/IP communications applications such as HTTP, Telnet, FTP, or Chat as information-transfer and mess ...

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A unified communications automated personal name addressing system is provided. The system creates personal address books for system subscribers automatically, without requiring the manual entry of name and address pairs by the subscriber. The system enables a subscriber to appropriately address a c ...

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A voice-mail system (10) is assembled from one (100) or more (100-102) programmable multi-function boards all of which are interchangeable and physically identical. The voice-mail system functionality is distributed, on a function-by-function basis, among the modules of the system, each one of which ...

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The present electronic messaging system allows a system subscribed to record a plurality of "customized" announcement messages. Each such message is associated with at least one calling party. Upon receiving an incoming communication for that subscriber, the system automatically utilizes the calling ...

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A presence aware communications system, comprising a messaging system configured to perform at least one of the following operations: (a) provide a subscriber's communication device with information regarding an incoming contact during a messaging session between the subscriber's communication devic ...

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The present invention provides a device, system, and method for identifying interconnect cables used in a network and the locations in the network where the interconnect cables are deployed. The identification information may be used to audit, for example, patch panel connections in a computer or co ...

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A voice message is bookmarked by marking the voice message with a bookmark in a bookmark location. The voice message is accessed at the bookmark location by selecting the bookmark.

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A multi-media messaging system (101) allows message recipients who lack full-motion video message-retrieval capability to retrieve at least some image content of video messages via video snapshots--image frames retrieved as still images. The system determines (302) the video capability of the recipi ...

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An adjunct processor (100) is embedded in a telecommunications switching system (10) wherein port circuits (106-108) are interconnected with each other and with a control processor (101) by a TDM bus (105). The adjunct processor is physically incorporated into the switching system, is connected dire ...