Gordon M Greenblatt: Blood warming method and apparatus using gaseous heat exchange medium. Cahill Sutton & Thomas, November 17, 1987: US04707587 (81 worldwide citation)

A blood warming device circulates air as a heating medium through a heater element and heat exchangers to transfer heat from the air to chilled blood being forced through the channels in a disposable warming jacket. A temperature sensor is disposed near an outlet of the blood warming jacket. An elec ...

Gordon M Greenblatt: Blood infusion apparatus and method. Cahill Sutton & Thomas, September 3, 1985: US04539005 (55 worldwide citation)

An apparatus for rapid infusion of blood or other fluid into a patient provides a pneumatic bladder supported within a housing having a rigid back and two rigid sides attached thereto. A hinged door with a clear, rigid window therein supports on its inner surface one or two unit bags containing flui ...





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