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An analog-to-digital converter (ADC) circuit comprising two time-interleaved successive approximation register (SAR) ADCs. Each of the two time-interleaved SAR ADCs comprises a first stage SAR sub-ADC, a residue amplifier, a second stage SAR sub-ADC and a digital error correction logic. The residue ...

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A novel analog-to-digital converter (ADC) system using a two-step conversion is disclosed. The ADC system is capable of achieving high sampling rate, low power consumption and low complexity. The new proposed ADC is formed by cascading a flash ADC having high sampling rate and low resolution with a ...

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In an angle-grinder with a rotating handle and a latch for fixing the handle in two different rotational positions, an interlock mechanism is provided for greater security against unwanted rotation of the handle when the tool is being used. The interlock mechanism is moved to a locking position by d ...

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Disclosed is a storing method for data acquisition, including: acquiring a collected data, and acquiring a generation time and a collection time for the collected data; obtaining an offset by computing a difference between the generation time and the collection time; and acquiring a default offset t ...

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A delay generator comprises: a current source for supplying a current; a first delay portion, connected to the current source, comprising at least a plurality of inverters and a first capacitor having a first capacitance; and a second delay portion, connected to the current source, comprising at lea ...

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Carbon addition to the rapidly solidified, preferably melt spun, alloy system of Sm(Co, Fe, Cu, Zr) provides for good isotropic magnetic properties. Importantly, these alloys are nanocomposite in nature and comprise the SmCoC2 phase. Thermal processing of these materials can achieve good magnetic pr ...

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The present invention relates to an oil-smoke extractor including a housing defining a number of air holes, a bottom plate detachably secured to the housing and a sterilization and deodorization device seated in a receiving space jointly defined by the housing and the bottom plate. The sterilization ...


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An atmospheric detection laser radar based on semiconductor laser consists of semiconductor laser emitter, laser radar receiver, signal processing circuit and computer. It can be installed on ground base station, carrier vehicle, airplane and satellite and it is featured as emitting pulse laser beam ...

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A Y-type two-order non-linear optical chromogen containing triphenylamine group and its preparing process are disclosed. It can be used as two-order non-linear optical material used in remote communication, data storage, phase conjugation, etc.