Gong Guocai, Gong Tao: Milk iodoprotein and its preparation onethod. Gong Guocai, February 11, 1998: CN97115249

A milk iodoprotein is made up of fresh milk and iodine tincture through dropping-in, mixing, stirring and examination, and can be used to make iodine-enriched beverage, milk powder and food for supplementing iodine to human body.

Zhang Zhirong, Gong Tao, Sun Xun, Zheng Qiang: Kidney target precursor medicine, said prepn., its preparing method and application. Sichuan Univ, feng xigao tao gong, November 15, 2006: CN200610020167

A precursor medicine targetting to kidney is composed of the low-molecular protein chosen from lysozyme, insulin, cytochrome C and pepetide suppressing enzyme or its polypeptide fragment, and the extract of common threewingnut root or its derivative, or glucocorticoid. It can be used as the immune d ...

Zhang Zhirong, Gong Tao, Sun Xun, Yuan Zhixiang: Kidney-targeted medicine vector and the formed prodrug, preparation method and uses. Sichuan University, feng xigao tao gong, December 20, 2006: CN200610020991

The invention relates to a new kidney target medicine carrier and relative precursor medicine, relative preparation method and application, wherein it comprises: degrading and deriving the natural chitose to obtain the chitose or its derivant with low molecule weight, with better kidney target proer ...

Zhang Zhirong, Gong Tao: Chuanhuning lipid freeze-dry powder agent and preparing method thereof. Sichuan University, fengxi gao taogong, September 12, 2007: CN200610022665

The present invention relates to freeze dried liposome powder preparation containing Chuanhuning (andrographis paniculata) and its preparation process. The freeze dried liposome powder preparation has Chuanhuning as the effective component in 1 weight portions, phospholipid containing liposome in 1- ...


Lu Deping, Gong Tao, Guan Rong: Preparation of maleic di-ester cationoid polymerisable emulsifier. Hubei Univ, yu hong, April 21, 2004: CN03125341

A process for preparing the dual-ester cationic polymerizable emulfurizer from maleic acid an hydride includes such steps as the loop-opening reaction between maleic acid anhydride and long-chain alcohol in hydrocarbon solvent to generate the semi-ester of long-chain alkylmaleic acid anhydride, reac ...



Gong Tao, Cai Zixing: Fault diagnostic system of mobile robot software based on artificial immune system. Central South University, huyan yu, August 1, 2007: CN200710034342

This invention relates to mobile robot software fault dialogue system based on human immune system, which comprises normal module form module, software fault test module, known software fault dialogue module, unknown software dialogue module, software remove module and system restore module, wherein ...

Zhang Zhirong, Gong Tao, Wei Wei: Camptothecine derivative phosphatide composite liposome nano-preparation and its making method. Sichuan Univ, fengxi gao taogong, September 5, 2007: CN200710048481

A lipoid nanoparticle of camptothecine-phosphatide composition is prepared from phosphatide, 10-hydroxy camptothecine or its derivative and lipoid. Its preparing process is also disclosed.