Goldhaber Richard Paul: Mechanism for control pulsatile fluid flow. Baxter Laboratories, February 1, 1972: US3639084 (66 worldwide citation)

This application relates to an apparatus for imparting a pulsatile flow to fluid in a conduit, which has pumping means for providing the pulsatile flow of fluid therein. The apparatus includes an elastic tubular section defining a portion of the conduit and located downstream of the pulsatile flow p ...

Balteau Patrick, Coneys Thomas Walter, Goldhaber Richard Paul: Connection device. Travenol Europ Res & Dev, August 8, 1984: GB2134202-A (1 worldwide citation)

Apparatus for removing a first connector (18) from a second connector (16) and a reconnecting the first connector (18) with a third connector (16a) by mechanical means so that the visually impared can do it, without touching critical areas where sterility should be retained. The apparatus finds part ...


Goldhaber Richard Paul: Multiple chamber system for peritoneal dialysis. Baxter Travenol Laboratories, ELLIS Garrettson, June 23, 1983: WO/1983/002061

A solution bag formed of three plastic walls (12, 14, 16) sealed together about their peripheries to define a pair of separate chambers (20, 22) is provided for peritioneal dialysis and the like.