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A variable speed wind turbine includes a frequency converter which converts variable frequency AC from a turbine driven AC generator to fixed frequency AC for delivery to a power grid. The frequency converter is typically an electronic cycloconverter or rectifier-inverter and is also used to control ...

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Yaw (fishtail) oscillations in large wind turbines (10) are minimized by damping provided by a drive motor (65) connecting the turbine to the supporting tower (50) therefor at, for example, a yaw bearing (45). The drive motor drives the wind turbine in yaw and maintains desired yaw settings of the t ...

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A wind turbine adapted to rotationally drive a load such as an electric power generator 50 includes in the turbine drive train, resiliently mounted gearing 55 which isolates and damps the load from drive train disturbances caused by wind gusts and wind stream dyssemmetry and inherent torsional vibra ...

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A damping mechanism is disclosed for damping the oscillations of the rotor hub which are coupled with periodic motions of the fuselage when on the ground, known as ground resonance, and a waddle when in the air. The rotor includes a freely tiltable rotor head mounted on a non-rotatable universal joi ...

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Yaw trimming in large wind turbines is achieved by laterally offsetting the turbine yaw axis from the axis of rotation of the hub.

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A rotorcraft is subject to a rocking motion when on the ground, which is called ground resonance, and in the air which gives the fuselage a waddle type of motion about its center of gravity. both are a form of aeromechanical instability. This fuselage motion is coupled with and accompanied by bendin ...