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A method and apparatus is shown for implementing magnetostrictive sensor techniques for the nondestructive short term inspection or long term monitoring of a structure. A plurality of magnetostrictive sensors are arranged in parallel on the structure and includes (a) a thin ferromagnetic strip that ...

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An X-ray fluorescence method and apparatus of detecting subsurface impact caused delaminations and cracks in cloth and epoxy-catalyst laminates which method and apparatus permit nondestructive testing and evaluation of the existance, location, parameters and depth of the subsurface damage.

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An apparatus and method for optimizing computer tomography images obtained from any of a number of different standard computer tomography scanning devices. The apparatus and method incorporate computer-aided design data for an object being scanned into a system for establishing nominal scanning beam ...

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The present invention is for a simple, reliable and inexpensive method to calibrate a defect signal to determine the size of a defect in a pipe. A first reflected signal is received from the test area of the pipe. After attaching a clamp, a second reflected signal is received from the test area of t ...

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An ultrasonic squirter couples transducer emitted ultrasonic waves with a structure for ultrasonic testing. The squirter has a tubular body with an outlet on one end and an inlet spaced from the outlet for delivering a flow of liquid through the body to the outlet. The transducer mounts in the body ...

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A method and apparatus is shown for implementing magnetostrictive sensor techniques for the nondestructive evaluation of railroad rails. The system includes magnetostrictive sensors specifically designed for application in conjunction with railroad rails and trains that generate guided waves in the ...

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A new ultrasonic method for measuring wall thickness and detecting material flaws in natural-gas pipelines, risers, and similar structures. The method is inherently suitable for the task, because it relies on the use of the natural gas as the coupling fluid for transmitting the probing ultrasonic si ...

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A trailer hitch alignment device adapted to be releasably mounted to the draw bar of an automobile including a spring loaded spool from which a cable is played out to be turned around a guide pulley into a tubular guide. The tubular guide is pivotally mounted to align with the cable, concurrently ar ...

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An ultrasonic piezoelectric transducer that is operable in very high and very low temperatures. The transducer has a dual housing structure that isolates the expansion and contraction of the piezoelectric element from the expansion and contraction of the housing. Also, the internal components are ma ...

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In one embodiment the present invention provides a device for monitoring a cable, comprising an imaging device having a field of view; a target, distinguishable within the field of view of the imaging device, associated with a cable; and a computer processor connected to the imaging device for analy ...