Garg Diwaker, Givens Edwin N, Schweighardt Frank K: Liquefaction catalytique du charbon a laide dun solvant modifie et dun charbon recycle, traite au solvant, Catalytic coal liquefaction with treated solvent and src recycle. Air Products and Chemicals, MCFADDEN FINCHAM, August 22, 1989: CA1258646

ABSTRACT A process for the solvent refining of coal to distillible pentane soluble products using a dephenolated and denitrogenated recycle solvent and a recycled, pentane-insoluble, solvent-refined coal material, which process provides enhanced oil-make in the conversion of coal.

Givens Edwin N, Kang Doohee: Preparation dune bouillie stabilisee deau et de charbon, Process for preparing a stabilized coal-water slurry. International Coal Refining Company, MCFADDEN FINCHAM, October 18, 1988: CA1243205

A process for preparing a stabilized coal particle suspension which includes the steps of providing an aqueous media substantially free of coal oxidizing constituents, reducing, in a nonoxidizing atmosphere, the particle size of the coal to be suspended to a size sufficiently small to permit suspens ...

Garg Diwakar, Givens Edwin N: Liquefaction de la houille par catalyse au fer, Iron catalyzed coal liquefaction process. Air Products and Chemicals, MCFADDEN FINCHAM, August 13, 1985: CA1191686

ABSTRACT A process is described for the solvent refining of coal into a gas product, a liquid product and a normally solid dissolved product. Particulate coal and a unique co-catalyst system are suspended in a coal solvent and processed in a coal liquefaction reactor, preferably an ebullated bed rea ...

Givens Edwin N: Methode de desulfuration en liquefaction de la houille, Coal liquefaction desulfurization process. International Coal Refining Company, MCFADDEN FINCHAM, April 10, 1984: CA1165257

Abstract of the Disclosure In a solvent refined coal liquefaction process, more effective desulfurization of the high boiling point components is effected by first stripping the solvent-coal reacted slurry of lower boiling point components, particularly including hydrogen sulfide and low molecu-lar ...

Givens Edwin N, Greskovich Eugene J: Fibres de carbone tirees du brai de la houille raffinee aux solvants, Carbon fibers from src pitch. International Coal Refining Company, MCFADDEN FINCHAM, August 23, 1983: CA1152270

137-P-US02525 ABSTRACT OF THE DISCLOSURE This invention relates to an improved method of manufacturing carbon fibers from a coal derived pitch. The improvement resides in the use of a solvent refined coal which has been hydrotreated and subjected to solvent extraction whereby the hetero atom content ...

Givens Edwin N, Ying David Hs: Procede de liquefaction du charbon par separation des gaz dentrainement et des dissolvants, Process for coal liquefaction by separation of entrained gases from slurry exitting dissolvers. International Coal Refining Company, MCFADDEN FINCHAM, October 23, 1984: CA1176588

ABSTRACTThere is described an improved liquefaction processby which coal is converted to a low ash and low sulfurcarbonaceous material that can be used as a fuel in anenvironmentally acceptable manner without costly gasscrubbing equipment. In the process, coal is slurriedwith a solvent, passed throu ...

Plank Charles J, Rosinski Edward J, Givens Edwin N: Methode de reformage, Reforming process. Mobil Oil Corporation, KIRBY EADES GALE BAKER, November 16, 1982: CA1135646

REFORMING PROCESS Abstract of the Disclosure A reforming process, in which a reforming feed iscontacted under reforming conditions with an inventory ofa catalyst comprising from 0.01 to 2% wt. of a platinum groupmetal, from 0.01 to 3% wt. of halogen and a carrier therefor,characterized in that from ...

Plank Charles J, Givens Edwin N, Rosinski Edward J: Preparation industrielle dolefines a chaine courte, Manufacture of light olefins. Mobil Oil Corporation, KIRBY EADES GALE BAKER, December 16, 1980: CA1091701

MANUFACTURE OF LIGHT OLEFINS ABSTRACT OF THE DISCLOSURE A catalytic process is provided for converting acharge consisting essentially of methanol, dimethyl etheror mixtures thereof to a hydrocarbon product rich inethylene and propylene by contact, under conversionconditions, with a catalyst comprisi ...