Marco Fabrizio Saettone, Susi Burgalassi, Boris Giannaccini, Enrico Boldrini, Pietro Bianchini, Giulio Luciani: Ophthalmic solutions viscosified with tamarind seed polysaccharide. Farmigea S p A, Smith Gambrell & Russell, May 2, 2000: US06056950 (31 worldwide citation)

The polysaccharide fraction of tamarind gum, a product of natural origin obtained from the seeds of Tamarindus indica, is used for the production of a thickened ophthalmic solution having a pseudoplastic rheological behaviour and mucoadhesive properties. Said solution is useful as artificial tear an ...

Fulvio Foschini, Pierre Roy, Edoardo Stagni, Giovanni Cavallo, Giulio Luciani: Device and method for corneal delivery of riboflavin by iontophoresis for the treatment of keratoconus. SOOFT ITALIA, Young & Thompson, July 11, 2017: US09700456

Ocular iontophoresis device and method for delivering any ionized drug solution to the cornea includes: a reservoir containing a solution suitable to be positioned on the eye; an active electrode disposed in or on the reservoir; and a passive electrode suitable to be placed on the skin of the subjec ...

Fulvio Foschini, Marcello Stagni, Giulio Luciani, Pierre Roy: Cross-linking composition delivered by iontophoresis, useful for the treatment of keratoconus. SOOFT ITALIA, Young & Thompson, September 13, 2016: US09439908

An improved formulation of an ophthalmic composition contains riboflavin, as cross-linking agent of corneal collagen, administered by corneal iontophoresis, able to guarantee an increased capacity of permeation of riboflavin of the corneal stroma and therefore greater therapeutic efficacy in the tre ...

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