Gilbert Richard S: Orthopedic screw driving means. September 14, 1971: US3604487 (303 worldwide citation)

A combination of an orthopedic screw and driving means which enables the screw to be started and driven in a single continuous operation with one hand. The screwhead has multiple slots, and the driving means has multiple pinching blades for engaging the slots to provide a rigid grip of the screw.

Alter Henry Ward, Gilbert Richard S: Ambient radioactivity air filter tester using a track-registration material. General Electric Company, October 19, 1971: US3614421 (10 worldwide citation)

An improved technique for testing air filtration systems is disclosed. So-called 'absolute' filters are intended to remove substantially suspended particles from a stream of air passing therethrough. Track-registration films sensitive to alpha particles emitted by radon daughters are placed upstream ...