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A microprocessor and a method of operating the microprocessor are provided in which a portion of the microprocessor is partitioned into a plurality of partitions. A sequence of instructions is executed within an instruction pipeline of the microprocessor. A block of instructions within the sequence ...

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An execution unit for a processing engine comprising first head part circuitry for deriving an intermediate signal from an input signal. The execution unit also comprises further circuitry which receives the intermediate signal and operates on it to produce a final signal. The further circuitry is t ...


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A system comprising a system under test (SUT) having a control logic. The SUT further comprises testing logic coupled to the SUT and adapted to provide to the SUT a clock signal to facilitate communications between the testing logic and the SUT. The control logic monitors a number of activated proce ...

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In a method for monitoring power consumption by a system within an integrated circuit, one or more software programs are executed on the system on a chip (SOC). While the program executes, power control settings of a plurality of functional units within the SOC may be adjusted in response to executi ...


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A processor is provided that is a programmable digital signal processor (DSP) with variable instruction length, offering both high code density and easy programming. Architecture and instruction set are optimized for low power consumption and high efficiency execution of DSP algorithms, such as for ...