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A method and structure for forming patterned SOI regions and bulk regions is described wherein a silicon containing layer over an insulator may have a plurality of selected thickness' and wherein bulk regions may be suitable to form DRAM's and SOI regions may be suitable to form merged log ...

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A two-MOSFET device memory cell, based on conventional SOI complementary metal oxide technology, in which charge is stored on the body of a first MOSFET, with a second MOSFET connected to the body for controlling the charge in accordance with an information bit. Depending on the stored charge, the b ...

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A process for making a SOI region and a bulk region in a semiconductor device. The process includes providing a SOI structure. The SOI structure has a thin silicon layer, a buried insulating oxide layer underlying the thin silicon layer, and a silicon substrate underlying the buried insulating oxide ...

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A method of manufacture of a Super Steep Retrograde Well Field Effect Transistor device starts with an SOI layer formed on a substrate, e.g. a buried oxide layer. Thin the SOI layer to form an ultra-thin SOI layer. Form an isolation trench separating the SOI layer into N and P ground plane regions. ...

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The present invention provides various methods for forming a ground-plane SOI device which comprises at least a field effect transistor formed on a top Si-containing surface of a silicon-on-insulator (SOI) wafer; and an oxide region present beneath the field effect transistor, located in an area bet ...

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A dual work function CMOS metal gate device provides a composite metal gate electrode structure. The composite metal gate structure includes a bulk metal and a thin metal layer having an appropriate work function for the transistor type and desired threshold voltage, V

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A body-coupled gated diode for silicon-on-insulator (SOI) technology is disclosed. The body-coupled gated diode is formed from an SOI field-effect transistor (FET). The body, gate and drain of the SOI FET are tied together, forming the first terminal of the diode. The source of the SOI FET forms the ...

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A hybrid integrated circuit device includes a semiconductor-on-insulator substrate having a base substrate, a semiconductor layer and a dielectric layer disposed therebetween, the base substrate being reduced in thickness. First devices are formed in the semiconductor layer, the first devices being ...

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A semiconductor device and fabrication method include a strained semiconductor layer having a strain in one axis. A long fin and a short fin are formed in the semiconductor layer such that the long fin has a strained length along the one axis. An n-type transistor is formed on the long fin, and a p- ...

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A silicon-on-insulator lateral bipolar transistor having an edge-strapped base contact is disclosed. A thin layer of oxide is deposited on a silicon-on-insulator structure and a layer of polysilicon is deposited on the thin oxide layer that is patterned and etched to form an extrinsic base region of ...