Altenhofen Michael, Fuchs Harald, Gerteis Wolfgang, Merz Christian, Theilmann Wolfgang: Mapping of a content request for a cache server. Sap, June 28, 2006: EP1675023-A1 (1 worldwide citation)

An embodiment includes a method that includes receiving, into a cache server (104), from a client (102), a request for content from a content server (106). The request for content includes one or more fields. The method also includes mapping the request for content into a new request for content tha ...


Altenhofen Michael, Krebs Andreas S, Gerteis Wolfgang: Navigating e-learning course materials. Sap, January 26, 2005: EP1500065-A1

A learning system, method, and software generate a navigation path through a course based on a learning strategy. The course may be navigated by receiving graphs corresponding to the course, applying the learning strategy to the graphs, and generating a navigation path through the course for the lea ...


Theilmann Wolfgang, Gerteis Wolfgang, Altenhofen Michael: Structural elements for a collaborative e-learning system. Sap, February 2, 2005: EP1502247-A2

A learning system, method, and data structure provides collaborative activities between learners. The system includes an interface to receive a learning strategy selected by a learner. A content management system stores one or more structural elements associated with a course. A learning management ...


Schaper Joachim, Altenhofen Michael, Gerteis Wolfgang, Krebs Andreas S: E-learning system. Sap, May 2, 1990: EP1481382-A1

A learning system may include an interface, a content repository, and a content player. The interface is configured to receive a learning strategy that is selected by a learner. The content repository is configured to store course data. The content player is configured to access the stored course da ...

Theilmann Wolfgang, Altenhofen Michael, Gerteis Wolfgang: Versioning electronic learning objects. Sap, August 10, 2005: EP1561193-A2

An electronic learning system (56) includes a master repository (130) which stores existing versions of learning objects (11, 12, 13, 14), a local repository (132) which stores alternate versions of the learning objects stored in the master repository (130), and a processor (59) that executes instru ...



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