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The invention contemplates scanning-microscope display of plural observed parameters of an examined specimen, where the parameters derive from flying-spot light-exposure of the specimen, and where at least one of the observed parameters is outside the wavelength range of the flying-spot. In some ill ...

Young Jin Park, Gerhard Mueller: Multi-level conductive lines with reduced pitch. Infineon Technologies, Slater & Matsil L, January 31, 2006: US06992394 (142 worldwide citation)

The invention describes the use of conductive lines having a non-rectangular shaped cross section to reduce line capacitance for a given pitch. Such conductive lines can reduce the height of integrated circuits with multi-level conductive lines without increasing line-to-line capacitance.

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The present invention relates to a method and apparatus for reducing data errors in a magneto-resistive random access memory (MRAM). According to the disclosed method, data bits and associated error correction code (ECC) check bits are stored into a storage area. Thereafter, the data bits and ECC ch ...

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Disclosed is a semiconductor memory employing a hierarchical bitline architecture which allows for a widened master bitline pitch as well as low bitline capacitance. In an exemplary embodiment, the memory (30) includes a plurality of memory cells (MC) arranged in rows and columns for storing data. E ...

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The invention concerns a process for the manufacture of flame resistant flexible polyurethane foams by reacting a mixture of diphenylmethane diisocyanates and polyphenylene polymethylene polyisocyanates having a functionality greater than 2 containing 40 to 90 percent by weight diphenylmethane diiso ...

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The invention contemplates dose-integrating instrumentation which relies upon continuously monitoring the illuminance level of a small sampling fraction of the total projected-light flux of the field-illuminating system of an operating microscope, the sampling being optionally within the projection ...

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For determining the proper dose of therapy radiation for photocoagulation at the fundus of the eye, the fluorescent radiation excited by the therapy radiation (laser light) in the fundus of the eye is utilized. The fluorescence intensity passes through a characteristic minimum upon the termination o ...

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The semiconductor memory includes a memory cell array (10) of memory cells arranged in rows and columns, and a plurality of diagonal bit lines (BLP.sub.1 -BLP.sub.N) arranged in a pattern that changes horizontal direction along the memory cell array to facilitate access to said memory cells. The bit ...

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A device for removing material from a workpiece, in particular for removing a hard substance, such as tooth enamel or dentine from a tooth, or for removing ceramic materials, has a laser for irradiating the workpiece in a locally limited ablation area where material is removed, and a handling part ( ...

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A process of controlling the course of a program in form processing by data processing systems for data contents of a form (80, 81, 82) built of fields to be processed. The pictorial illustration (display of the form (80, 81, 82), the reading and fading in of the data relevant for this form, the man ...