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To determine if a pulsed beam system, typically an ultrasonic pulsed beam system, which is located externally of a motor vehicle is in operative condition, a transmitter (14) projects a beam to a fixed reflector (16) located on the vehicle, and one (19) of a group of timing stages (18; 19, 20, 21) e ...

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A piezoelectric control block, particularly for controlling a fuel injection device for a combustion engine, preferably diesel engine, with a distributor injecting pipe, has an adjustable fuel quantity adjusting member, and a longitudinally extending mechanical movement converter which is formed so ...

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A piezoelectric device for measuring the pressure of a gas like medium comprises two oscillators disposed opposite to each other in a substantially closed system by intermediate introduction of the gas to be measured. The measuring is performed by defining a transfer factor from the first piezoelect ...

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A servocylinder (1, 3, 4) with an electric piston end position transmitter is suggested. It is constructed as a piezoelectric converter (17 and 18). By means of applying voltage to the piezoelectric converter (17 and 18) the latter becomes a regulating element which overcomes a force holding the pis ...

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A spark plug for use in an internal combustion engine and comprising a movement sensor located in the region of the upsetting and heat-shrink area of the spark plug housing for sensing movement resulting from movement of movable parts of the engine such as pistons, valves, etc.