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The present invention relates to an aqueous pharmaceutical suspension for oral use, and a method of preparation, having antacid and antiulcer properties which contains a therapeutically effective amount of calcium carbonate in combination with magnesium carbonate and/or magnesium trisilicate and a c ...

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Calcium carbonate liquid antacid compositions containing one or more pH adjusting agents to maintain the pH above 9.0, preferably above 9.5. The resultant antacid liquid possesses superior resistance to microbial attack and enhanced taste properties.

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Oral dosage forms are disclosed which are effective for treating of gastric disorders. The dosage forms contain, as active ingredients, famotidine and sucralfate. In the dosage form, the famotidine is provided with a barrier layer which prevents interaction between the famotidine and the sucralfate, ...

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A method for preventing heartburn episodes in a patient at risk to development of heartburn, comprising administering to the patient, following the heartburn inducing event but prior to development of heartburn, a composition comprising a pharmaceutically effective amount of an H.sub.2 antagonist an ...

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A modified release dosage form comprising at least one active ingredient and at least two cores surrounded by a shell is provided. The shell comprises at least one opening and provides for modified release of active ingredient upon contacting of the dosage form with a liquid medium. At least one of ...

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Liquid antacid compositions containing a tri- or di-ester buffer have a reduced final product pH providing for a more efficacious preservative system and better tasting product without compromising to acid neutralization capacity of the antacid.

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Water soluble, gelatin-free dip coatings for pharmaceutical solid dosage forms such as tablets comprising HPMC and xanthan gum, carrageenan, and mixtures thereof, or HPMC and castor oil or maltodextrin.

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An essentially translucent antacid composition is formed by an aqueous colloidal aluminum hydroxide gel wherein the average particle size of the aluminum hydroxide is less than about 0.5 microns, preferably less than about 0.1 microns, and more preferably less than about 0.01 microns. The suspension ...

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The invention provides an essentially translucent liquid antacid composition with dihydroxyaluminum sodium carbonate (DASC) as the active ingredient. The DASC is prepared by co-drying DASC with a polyol, and the resulting co-dried DASC/polyol is mixed with water to form the liquid composition. The a ...

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The invention provides a dosage form comprising at least one active ingredient, and first core and second cores surrounded by and separated by a shell. The dosage form provides a delay of at least one hour between the initial release of active ingredient contained in said first core and the initial ...