Gerard M DuCorday: Magnifier reader. Gausewitz Carr Rothenberg & Edwards, July 3, 1984: US04457585 (83 worldwide citation)

A clear, transparent, rigid plastic sheet is bent into an inverted U-shape to provide a top supported by continuous transparent legs. A fresnel lens, coextensive with the top, is secured to the top or actually formed in one of its surfaces to provide a hand-free, self-supporting large area magnifier ...

Gerard M Ducorday: Book cover. Poms Smith Lande & Rose, December 12, 1989: US04886299 (25 worldwide citation)

A protective book cover of transparent plastic is formed with a strengthened spine section provided by a combination of a spine reinforcing strip and decreased height of the spine section of the protective cover. The book cover receiving pockets of the protective cover are formed with inwardly conve ...

Gerard M DuCorday: Hot melt glue binder. Gausewitz Carr & Rothenberg, January 24, 1989: US04800110 (20 worldwide citation)

A binder strip for home or office use in binding document pages includes a binder sheet having a full back cover section and a narrow front cover attaching flange section with a spine section interposed between the two. The spine section is provided with a number of closely adjacent beads of hot mel ...

Gerard M DuCorday: Bag handle. Gausewitz Carr Rothenberg & Edwards, June 14, 1983: US04387846 (12 worldwide citation)

A bag handle is formed of two complementary parts, each including a bail fixed to a pair of spaced legs. One bail has a hook and is shorter than the distance between the legs of the other handle part to allow the first bail to be passed through the other handle part. The two parts are arranged with ...

Gerard M DuCorday: Decorative portfolio-presentation folder that can be partially constructed by the user. Gausewitz Carr & Rothenberg, September 5, 1989: US04863093 (8 worldwide citation)

A portfolio presentation folder is made of a single blank sheet of cardboard for custom decoration and instant assembly by the user in a home, school or office environment. The blank sheet is separable into a pocket part and a front cover part so that the latter may be separately and independently d ...