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The invention relates to a method and an apparatus for determining the cut (percentage) of one component of a multiphase fluid flowing in a pipeline, for example, oil or other hydrocarbon in a fluid flow that comprises oil, water, gas, and soil components, by use of NMR analysis. The fluid is flowed ...

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A method and apparatus for measuring steam quality of wet or two-phase flowing steam includes a flow-through densitometer comprised of two parallel tubes connected to two common nodes, a vibrator for causing the tubes to vibrate, and a transducer for detecting the frequency and amplitude of the vibr ...

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A fluid leak alarm system for detecting leaks in the fluid delivery lines located for example in a fuel filling or bulk station or other pressure lines is designed to have a detector with a pressure sensor mounted into each fuel delivery line of the different product lines and a transmitter for tran ...

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A vibration densitometer including an electromechanical oscillator having an automatic phase control.

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Apparatus for detecting the magnitude of a property of a fluid including a body mounted on a torsion spring that is oscillated by a feedback of alternately an in-phase and an out-of-phase signal from an amplifier having a gain adequate to sustain the oscillations. If the in-phase signal has a freque ...

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A flowmeter has an elongated probe with a rotor positioned at the distal end of the probe for insertion into a fluid flow and an elongated conductor in the probe that terminates adjacent the rotor. A signal generator induces a standing wave on the conductor, and rotation of the rotor, which acts as ...