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A plate for a bipolar battery includes a planar substrate of plastic conductive material, with a mesh of metallic wire disposed therein, the surfaces of the wires exposed above the substrate surface. This divides the substrate surface into discrete areas.

Jeffrey P Zagrodnik, Gerald K Bowen: Terminal electrode. Globe Union, Foley & Lardner, August 14, 1990: US04948681 (31 worldwide citation)

The present invention facilitates electrical transmission from a flow battery to a load along a path of minimal electrical resistance. The terminal electrode comprises a metal screen encapsulated in plastic sheets, with a non-conductive plastic frame injection molded around the periphery thereof. On ...

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A battery component for use in a flow battery is provided with a weld rib pattern on a planar surface thereof. The weld rib pattern includes respective weld ribs defining a sealable flow region therebetween and further includes respective flash traps disposed adjacent each of the weld ribs opposite ...

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A method of joining thermoplastic frames of a bipolar battery to form a leak-free battery stack. The battery includes a stack of generally rectangular thermoplastic frames, including a series of central frames and a pair of end frames. Each central frame has an opening and a bipolar plate, consistin ...

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An injection molded containment for bipolar batteries of the type which include terminal electrodes and one or more bipolar battery cells is disclosed. In the most preferred embodiment of the present invention, a novel spacer is employed, including beveled edges to facilitate sealing of the injectio ...

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An electrode for a lead acid flow through battery, the grids including a plastic frame, a plate suspended from the top of the frame to hang freely in the plastic frame and a paste applied to the plate, the paste being free to allow for expansion in the planar direction of the grid.

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A removable electrode protective assembly for use in a bipolar battery having common aqueous electrolyte-carrying manifolds. The protective assembly is in electrical communication with the electrolyte contained in a plurality of shunt tunnels extending through the battery and is easily removable fro ...

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The preferred embodiment of the present invention relates to a sealed, oxygen recombinant lead-acid battery which includes a series of modules, e.g. 4-volt modules. The modules are prepared from frame and film assemblies which are easily stacked to the desired voltage or capacity. In the preferred e ...

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The present invention includes a battery case and battery wherein the battery case includes a housing having a top and a bottom and wherein the housing defines a plurality of cavities that are generally octagonal in cross-section. The battery includes a housing defining octagonal shaped cavities, a ...

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A lithium-ion battery module includes a housing having a plurality of partitions configured to define a plurality of compartments within the housing. The battery module also includes a lithium-ion cell element provided in each of the compartments of the housing. The battery module further includes a ...